Francisco Balaguer Callejón

Francisco Balaguer Callejón is Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Granada, Spain. He is also Jean Monnet Professor ad personam of European Constitutional Law and Globalization as well as Director of the Journal Revista de Derecho Constitucional Europeo. 

He is Visiting Professor in USA, France, Italy, and Portugal. Dr. H.C. in Brazil. 

Francisco is author of more than 500 publications in 12 countries: Spain, France, Mexico, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland.  

He has given more than 500 Lectures, Courses and Seminars given in German, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, in 12 Countries: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland and United Kingdom. 

Member of Editorial Boards and Committees of 60 Journals of Constitutional Law and Comparative Law as well as editorial councils in 8 countries: Italy (25), Brazil (15) Spain (14), Mexico (2), Peru (1) Portugal (1) Malta (1) and Russia (1). 

His research interest areas are: Constitutional law, European law, globalization, sources of law, fundamental rights, digital society, new technologies, populism, democracy, federalism and regionalism, economic crisis, health crisis.