Jonas Hallberg

Jonas Hallberg is a legal adviser as well as policy adviser at Swedish National Board of Trade. He works primarily with international investment law and the intersection between investment law and EU law. He works closely with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in all matters concerning international investment treaties as well as the negotiations of the investment screening regulation. On a regular basis, he represents Sweden at the OECD, UNCTAD, UNCITRAL as well as the council group TPCSI. He has for example written papers relating to the CETA-agreement between the EU and Canada, and the Most-Favoured Nation Clause in the Swedish bilateral investment treaties. During the year 2018, he published an article about the effects of the CJEU ruling Achmea and is currently conducting research on retroactivity in EU and investment arbitration law. Before working at the Board, he worked at the Upper Administrative Court of Appeal, at the Ministry of Justice and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.